Feeling jealous?

I’m sitting here in my room and this girl I have been talking with is here with someone else. And it fills me with jealousy. So let’s see:

  1. I thought you could create your reality. Why dont you just walk out there and say “ok polish my knob” and she leaves his company and comes to room and blows you off? It isnt going to happen is it? You arent going to be happy by getting your way are you. Poor baby. You cant have the candy you see in the candy store window.
  2. So now what? Get mad and throw a fit and plant sees for further violations of thought, speech and deed? Book yourself a reservation for a trip to the 3 hell realms below human upon death. Or maybe find another chick to fill her spot.
  3. Chasing sensation and urges is a lot of fun until someone else gets what you want, isn’t it.
  4. So let’s instead note the sensations in our body. And note them and note them. Sorry this is not an overnight fix like alcohol or cannabis. No running away from this by climbing into your float tank until they leave. You have 2-10 years of hard daily work at the simple task of noting to get what you really want – happiness beyond comparison, unshakeable by anything, anyone or any event. Make your choice fast and cheap and flimsy. Or long-term, durable and bullet-proof.

I know people in this “spiritual system” that have 3-somes with women and they still are whining for more. These poor souls dont realize that the 3 poisons are greed, hatred and delusion. And that they are greedy. And me? well my jealousy is a form of hatred. Call yourself spiritual because you can go noodle off and see fairies and so forth, but you will be the same defiled out-of-control deluded crybaby when you get back.
UPDATE: Oh my god, is this funny. I never saw the person who was here and assumed it was the girl I was interested in. It turns out it was some other girl altogether. So how the most important thing is your direct experience not your assumptions? Ok planning for the next thing you need to get done is good to. But unconfirmed jealousy about a fantasized situation is just plain hilarious!
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