A few signs that you may be obsessed with Go…

baduk/Go is a very engrossing game that has many skill levels. Study of the game can start to affect other parts of your life, sometimes a bit too much.

If you notice any of the following occuring in your life, this might be a sign that it’s time to take a break.

1 – you look up at the night sky and instead of seeing the big dipper you see an Ogeima

The “ogeima”, otherwise known as the large knight’s move is a common way to enclose a corner in Go. So common in fact, that you may in fact start seeing large knight’s move’s everywhere you look. Did you know the Big Dipper has a large knight’s move in it? If you do know that, then unfortunately you’ve been playing too much go.

Go is good and so is the Big Dipper. But seeing Go structures in the Big Dipper is a sign you need to see a doctor.

2 – You are stopped at a traffic light and you wonder how many spaces you can safely extend from a 3-stone wall

Nice,I have 5 liberties in this group, how far shall I extend?

To be sure, there are some uncanny similarities between a traffic light and a 3-stone wall. But if you are distracted from driving by discursive thoughts about a 3-stone wall, it may be time to take a break.

3 – Someone has to shake you to get your attention and the last thing you remember was staring at the Bank of America Slogan

It may be true that life is better when we’re connected, but let me ask you: on your last visit to Bank of America did you find yourself lost in thought about the last time you let a victory slip away all because you never fixed a cutting point? If so, then I think it’s time for a little break from the world’s most ancient game…

4 – You receive your change at the counter and instead of counting it, all you notice is the vital point of a bulky five

Playing go definitely is a rewarding past-time. It improves shape recognition. It allows you to engage in a martial art without the risk of injury. Improves friendship. But everything has it’s place and time and the most important thing when receiving change from a cashier is to make sure you got the right amount, not looking for killable Baduk shapes.

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