DanielML makes me uncomfortable

I am not comfortable with the comments DanielML made in this thread

First, he attempts to sell his teaching in a thread clearly started for the purpose of barter. This is spam, plain and simple.

Then he makes the following presumptuous and insulting statement:

The secondary issue is that his life coaching is self-evidently worthless if he can’t afford a $10 go lesson 😀


What Daniel is saying is: if his life coaching were any good, he would be making so much that he would have no problem paying $10 for a go less.

But this is a presumption. Who says that’s why he wants to offer an exchange?

the statement “his life coaching is self-evidently worthless” is insulting… it’s also presumptuous unless he has confirmed that OP has not had some positive results with his services.

I’ve offered a deep love of my life for free or low costand witnessed deep transformation of people where I got little or nothing in terms of capital. I feel entirely comfortable with the commercial approach to certain things.

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