War Robots does not interest me anymore

Since playing Tacticool, I no longer have any interest in War Robots…. I always said that there was no hand-to-hand skill involved – that it mainly had to do with Tactical Vision, not skill. It utterly bores me to even log in and get daily rewards.

There is a big difference between fighting an addiction and being completely dispassionate about something. I get depressed just thinking about wasting my time on the game. It simply is a downer to even think about playing.

It is no longer thrilling. But Tacticool is, especially grab the bag. There is always something new about the battles. And the music and maps are beautiful. They really did their homework in research war movies and war in general.

It simply hurts me to log in. It drags me down. These are sure signs that I no longer am addicted or will pursue it any way shape or form.

Where were the new maps

Every release had new robots, new weapons, near nerfs/buffs. But never a new map to play. to be sure every aspect of War Robots is software mastery:

  • creative robots
  • creative weapons (sonic, freeze, fire)
  • awesome sounds
  • creative maps – the maps that they do have are awesome

But they also have people spending thousands of dollars to upgrade their bots… all so they can press a button and destroy another computer robot…. that represents a casualty. A wasted life. But I dont think I want to waste any more of mine.

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