The simple logic motivating Pure Python Web Applications

As the maintainer of a survey of Pure Python approaches to web application development, I often see comments like this:

Best GUI is Html and css


Or something like:

you are better off learning HTML, CSS and Javascript instead of trying to code a web app in just Python

Let’s first try to empathize with the html-css-js-language-soup advocates:

Division of Labor

Back in the day, I remember when we had a room full of designers that knew HTML and nothing else…. CSS didnt exist and these guys did not know about programming. That was my job. So in those days, it made perfect sense to have HTML and a Python doing the dynamic stuff.

But I see more and more use cases where there is a single graduate student in a lab who has to do everything an it has to look crisp and clean.

Let’s break down my disagreement in some simple logical steps:

HTML and CSS are static non-turing complete languages

Javascript is turing complete and can generate HTML, CSS and JS

For 10 years, Qooxdoo has been creating web applications with the look, feel and usability of the desktop entirely in Javascript. Qooxdoo generates and manipulates CSS and HTML programmatically entirely from Javascript.

Oddly enough the build system for Qooxdoo is… PYTHON!

Python is also turing complete and can generate all of the above

If Qooxdoo can create robust world-class app in just Javascript (but still resort to Python for building the apps), then by golly Python can do it too.

The advantages are tremendous

You get dynamic control of HTML and CSS,

instead of being limited to the original static nature of these languages.

You get one language to code in instead of 3 or 4.

You get a language that

was designed for large scale programs from the ground up.

Hierarchical modules, local classes and multiple inheritance are all supported by Transcrypt, allowing a flexible, yet stable overall structure.

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