The mysterious coming-apart of the Corona Investigative Committee

Perhaps the most central organization in the fight of good (sovereign humans) against bad (big pharma, big banks, big govt, big elites), the Corona Investigative Committee, has now come apart at the seams and apparently there is a fight of good and bad *WITHIN* the Corona Investigative Committee: Reiner Fuellmich is no longer apart of it. And he speaks ill of Viviane and Viviane speaks ill of Reiner.

Below we listen to both sides of this rather unsettling story. No hard evidence has emerged to support the allegations of either, yet. Let’s tune in below.

First Reiner made his claims about a week ago

Now, today, October 3, Viviane Fischer speaks her piece:

Could a 3rd party be involved?

Could a 3rd actor have made it look like Viviane did wrong to Reiner and also Reiner did wrong to Viviane?

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