Metatronia session

This morning I received a Metatronia session from Denise Higgison at 6:15am. Earlier that morning, I had a rather unusual dream that ended with a person’s face morphing into 2 other faces, the middle face being similar to my father.
Then after getting some logistics out of the way with Denise via text, I went back to sleep. I awoke with some rather unusual discomfort in the liver/gall bladder area – not sharp pain, but more like a wall of discomfort.
Anyway, at 6:15am I got up to an alarm and put myself in a receptive state, which is of course harder for the masculine, because the masculine is wired for being on the defensive. But as soon as I did, something very high frequency started rippling on my skin. It was very unusual. But I kept remaining receptive, while at the same time my mind was saying: “you are about to be possessed. stop this” but I figured Denise had everything under control and continued.
So I kept opening up and must say it was something I would like to try again sometime.