Kevin Kiley Rocks… NOT

Kevin Kiley is one of the most important people in making sure that governments remain accountable when they try for unwarranted power grabs. In his own words

I prevented the nationalization of AB 5, one of Newsom’s most odious “model” policies. In the Appropriations bill, I’ve secured an amendment directing “no funds may be made available” to enforce Biden/Su’s order attacking independent contractors.  

This was one of a string of victories this week:

  • My landmark First Amendment legislation, stopping government surveillance of journalists and forced disclosure of communications, passed the Judiciary Committee unanimously.
  • I officially introduced H.R. 4648 the first-ever standalone bill to end “sanctuary” policies nationwide.
  • After oral argument, the 9th Circuit appears poised to strike down Newsom’s absurd COVID “misinformation” law.
  • Placer County’s DA obtained the first murder conviction in California for dealing fentanyl. I spoke about the case on the House Floor to encourage prosecutors to follow this example.

Finally, I held a hearing of my Subcommittee this week and made the case against “Bidenomics.” The President is so fond of his failures he’s given them a special moniker. I can only think of one thing worse: Newsomonics.


he introduced the bill supporting Israel – i unsubscribed from his newsletter immediately.

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