OK, so here we go.
Mokichi Okada formed the Church of World Messianity in 1935 after being expelled from Oomoto. A significant part of that practice was Johrei, a powerful completely free healing method.
Around 1996 or so, I used to receive Johrei at 3068 San Marino St Los Angeles, CA 90006 (which is Koreatown). Paulo Santos ran the center. He was 3rd in command. Larry Ammar was vice president and Ray Toba was president.
I came back to the same center about 2 years later and noticed that Paulo was gone. I learned that a dispute arose between the president and the vice-president. The president wanted to drop a good portion of the rituals of the original religion to speed the acceptance by mainstream America. The vice-president disagreed. A vote was held and the president won. So they got to keep the building on San Marino.
When I learned of this, I left that center and started attending the Izunome center in Los Angeles on Venice Blvd. It was good to re-connect with Paulo, who was now vice-president. Larry Ammar was president of this organization.
Now, Aug 23 2014 I am in New York and attend the Izunome center here. Larry Ammar has retired as president and Marco Negrao is president. And lo and behold, there is yet another group offering Johrei that I have never heard of before today – Shumei. And another! The Mokichi Okada Association. So that brings the grand total of organizations offering Johrei to 4 – Izunome, Johrei Fellowship, Shumei (they spell it jyorei) and Mokichi Okada Association.
Oh, and let’s dont forget Sukyo Mahikari. It works wonders. I know a woman who suffered vicious abuse from her husband and had several broken bones that should have left her unable to use her arms but through service to this organization she completely healed her arms. Countless other medical miracles have occurred. Sukyo Mahikari is an offshoot of Mokichi Okada’s religion as you can see and of course we understand that perhaps Mokichi Okada’s religion is an offshoot of Oomoto from the same Wikipedia page. Oh and I didnt realize there was more than one Mahikari organization. Wow. There are at least 3.
Oh and we cant forget Tenrikyo – they have a healing method based on removing dusts, but it is not prominently listed on their website.

update for the 2022….

So, there is only organization that is connected to ‘the original johrei’ via bloodlines. just before 2020, that was izunome. Now, izunome is called church of the messiah. and the doctrine has dropped all of the teachings about spiritual clouds and teaches eternal life in the current physical body. i dont believe johrei is practiced anymore either… in fact there is a 30 minute video at the church of the messiah website called ‘beyond johrei’ that gives the details. higor melchior (?) is president. i think felipe and santos are connected as well.

oh, and what prompted this update? the head of izunome back in 2019 and before was marco negrao. He, romilson candido and gil de souza left izunome to form the miroku association. they have 14 centers, which is quite impressive.


They all do miracle healings. There’s been a lot of political upheaval but only God is perfect. We have imperfect people and imperfect organizations offering perfectly powerful perfectly free healing.

Izunome Locations and Hours

Broward Izunome (formerly Boca).
837 SE 8th Ave
Deerfield Beach, FL
Mon 9am to 1pm. 7pm to 8pm
Tue 9am to 1pm.
Wed 9am-12 6pm to 8pm
Thu 9am to 1pm. no one at night


  1. You have the founder of Church of World Messianity (Sekai Kyūsei Kyō) confused with the founder of Mahikari. Same last name, no relation.
    Founder of Church of World Messianity = Mokichi Okada.
    Founder of Mahikari = Yoshikazu Okada.
    Mokichi Okada had a close relationship with the Oomoto leader – Deguchi Onisaburō – who recognized Mokichi Okada’s power of healing. However, because of his growing popularity
    and conspicuous success, some Oomoto executives and members began to oppose
    him. The leader, Deguchi, interceded on his behalf but the tide against him was too strong.
    Thus, Mokichi Okada left Oomoto in 1932 to start his own organization.
    Among the various organizations you mentioned, all follow the philosophy (guidance, teachings) of Mokichi Okada with one exception – MAHIKARI.
    MAHIKARI is completely different and the only similarity is that they practice a form of “energy healing.” The founder of Mahikari – Yoshikazu Okada – was a missionary in Sekai Kyūsei Kyō. HE was expelled and started his own group.

    1. What makes you think I have the founders confused? Oh I get it. You think because I felt that Mokichi Okada was expelled and he was not, that I had him confused with the person that was actually expelled. OK, fair enough. But no, I dont have them confused. It just appears I have some incorrect information about how Mokichi Okada left Oomoto (departed vs. ousted).
      Also why would you say that Mahikari is completely different? I’ve received both Johrei and Mahikari.
      A person I talked to at the New York Shumei center said the main difference is that in Mahikari, they are concerned with spiritual entities.

  2. so, what is the actual difference between Joh-Rei and Mahikari, between the Ohikari and the Omitama? they sound veeeeery simmilar, i never went to Mahikari but i did go a lot to Joh-Rei and i am about to get and Ohikari, now i found out about Mahikari and want the Omitama too, but honestly they sound too simmilar

    1. Hi Nahuel,
      Johrei predates Mahikari. Mahikari was founded by someone who left the Johrei organization. I would take some time to get to know both organizations. I did notice some differences having been involved directly in both, but I am not enough of an expert to comment.
      I will say this: both organizations are responsible for miracle healings. I met a woman in Mahikari who had suffered domestic abuse and her forearms bones were snapped and she was never supposed to regain use of that hand again. But through Mahikari she did.
      And there are countless miracles in the various Johrei organizations as well.
      All the best to you in your spiritual quest!

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