Rather than 8 million posts on each little tidbit I learn, I’m going to have one post that I update with each new finding.
Vivien Saunders and Ernest Jones
I noticed a comment on Ron Sisson’s video that his teaching was basically Ernest Jones and found a lady named Vivien Saunders who has some great YouTube videos under the userid “curedmyslice” – key points

  • reverse overlap for putting and chipping. good putters swing up good chippers swing down
  • full swings are nothing but tracking the clubhead NOTHING but that. the body follows the club. dont get caught up in mechanics.
  • the left thumb is what holds the club up at the top of the backswing (oops a bit of body mechanics there)

Hmm, Manuel de la Torre also seems to be from this club-focused school.
Awesome deconstruction of how to allow the club to swing.

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