Two levels of awareness on animal slaughter

Now, thanks to Lafayette Morehouse, I am finally unravelling the concept of “Two Levels of Awareness” – on one level, yes I am everything and I am the Creator of all that I experience due to my causative thinking. But on another level, I need to quit acting like certain things are not happening and face up to the nastiness and cruelty of animal slaughter.
It seems like I go in a cycle of avoiding animals, indulging. I just came from Publix. I planned to just get a veggie sub. But my eyes landed on the catfish, then I saw the chicken tenders, and then the beef roast. I got them all. But I also went home and watched animal slaughter videos. I retched on the chicken tenders as I saw how chickens are treated. I put the beef roast and fish in my refrigerator. I simply could not eat the tenders. I threw them out.
So yes, on 1 level this is a big game that I created for my fun and the slaughter is not real and my body is not real. But guess what? I have not purified my mind and I would suffer greatly. And animal slaughter is a violation of the Golden Rule. Although in some sense animals are just robots that react. They dont suffer. But I could keep making excuses forever…

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