Extended Stay Orlando: A Saga of 3 Hotels

I arrived into Orlando, FL a few days ago. I drove from California to Florida and made it in 2.5 days! Cool, then I began to look for a place to stay, preferably just one place to stay for the next 3 months.
The first place I went to was the Extended Stay America in Northern Orlando at Equity Row. I will never stay there again. I stayed one night. The refrigerator had dents in it. The elevator had trash on the floor. And then there was a false alarm at night. No problem there. But the problem was the exit signs for vacating by stairs pointed the wrong way. And this was not due to resident tampering – they simply pointed the wrong way. Like a confused herd of cattle, we all went storming the wrong way, only to have an attendant send us a different way.
So I packed up my belongings and tried to juggle working during the day and trying to find a place to stay. I looked at a number of places. A whole lot. I ended up at Knights Inn Maingate. It had a homey feel to it. Boy, was I a sucker. The rooms had the AC blasting in them for a reason – to cover up the musty funk coming from the carpet or rotting wood. And pointing the air conditioner right at the bed? A true work of brilliance. And why didnt they have the person in the room next to me remove his shirts from the vents outside the room? Dont they know that looks ghetto? And why was the guy in the room next to me thrashing all over the room like he was doing crossfit training or something, occasionally slamming into the wall? I requested a move around 2 in the morning and the dude said: “I’m sorry the computer is closing out for the night and I cant do that.” So I glared around and paced a bit, you know, the “I’m going to cancel this and get a refund if you dont get your ass in gear” look. And what do you know, he managed to get me another room in 5 minutes!
But anyway, I have now landed safe and sound at InTown Suites Orlando, FL – these are very nice units with a reasonable price and everything you could ask for – 42 inch TV with about 50 channels, 2-burner stove, fridge, large walk-in shower. A bit of stupidity with pointing the AC right at the bed, but nothing my guitar and a bag and a t-shirt couldnt handle.

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