I just lost a game by 30 points. Now it’s time to review my mistakes.

Mistake 1, Black to Play

At this point, I have learned that you can seal off an invading stone by attacking elsewhere instead of attacking directly. So I told myself “dont get upset about this stone and dont chase it around and in the process let it just get stronger”. Because I use the Clossius move selection algorithm, here is how it (should have) went for me.

Am I OK?

The cuts and 1 and 2 can be handled. And no other group is threatened, so yes I am OK

Is opponent OK?

The group “3” can be cut off from it’s neighbors and 4 is deep within enemy territory without a base. To form a base will require a slide to H2 and a 2-space extension to N3.

So both groups are not OK and the weaker one is “4”. I should’ve attacked for profit, with the best move being …


Mistake 2, Black to Play

Let’s again use the rational Clossius approach to studying the position

Am I OK?

Well I’m not entirely OK. There is a peepable cutting point at 1. The group “2” is alongside a strong White wall. The stone 4 can be cut off by White playing “3”.. but let’s see if White is less OK

Is White OK?

The group “5” only has 2 running directions, up and to the right. Alternatively capturing group “2” would make it safe.

No need to look for a big move

I should either address my weaknesses or attack his…


I like the 1-space hop to N11. It keeps me from worrying about being cut at M8 and takes away a running direction.

Mistake 3, My final chance to save the game

At this point in the game, I panicked. My only thought was “how do I connect group 1 to group 2”?

And in a sense the Clossius move selection breaks down because I am obviously not OK, but the way to fix my problem is not one of the 4 things he suggests – make a base, run, play vital point, make an eye. Instead the best thing to do is to attack the groups around you so that you are no longer running from him, but he is running from you….


Playing at 1 will capture 3 stones and when White protects, you extend to 2 and now “3” is under attack!

Playing at 4 will keep White central unsettled group disconnected from friendly stones

Playing at 5 tests White’s linkage and if you play it out, you see that it is not a cakewalk for White to keep his linkage.

I learned a lot

I enjoyed the game. My opponent was 7k just like me and he did a good job of exploiting my play when it was weak.

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