I just got a Nightingale and love it for FFA and Beacon Rush. What other good beacon poachers are there?

Black Market had a siren for sale and a ravana and a nightingale. I grabbed a Nightingale just to fool around and I must say it has brought back new fun to the game for me.

In FFA, I steal kills. And with the Nightingale, I can get away clean!

In FFA, I rarely try to go head-to-head. I find 2 people fighting and watch the health meter. Then when I can waste them in one clip, I kill them at which point, we have a dead bot and one angry person who is looking around to see who stole their kill!

With the nightingale, I just ascend to the sky in stealth and get away clean!

Nightingale can play a powerful beacon poaching role

I always only thought of Loki for beacon poaching. But on maps with a high vantage point, I will place my Nightingale there and watch for open beacons. Then I simply levitate across the map and snag the undefended beacon.

What other beacon poachers are there?

Besides Loki and Nightingale, what other bots are good at poaching beacons?

Beware Quantum Sensor

An increasing number of players have Quantum Sensor. I had no idea so many did until I started getting roasted by it! But all in all, there are enough people without it to make the stealth of the nightingale well worth the $9.99 I paid for the MK2 version… and isn’t this a great thing that we get MK2-leveled bots out the gate? No more levelling for days to get to MK2

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