White (me 12k) to move vs. 6k

So it’s my turn to move in this game. Let’s see what we have:

  • That H17 stone looks like it needs to be picked on.
  • Then again my E3 group is weak. It can leap to the corner or run out, but it really is not in a good shape.
  • He is growing a nice left side and I am growing a nice right side. I think my side is a bit more invadeable than his.
  • I can peep his H3 group at J4 or K4. Maybe I could prepare for that peep stone to run out and grow my right side at the same time with a move like N5?
  • My upper left group is not settled either, but it can run out. Maybe settle it with H15 and threaten to kill the H17 stone?
  • Maybe play S17 and make a play like L17 attack two unsettled groups?
  • C2 would make the peep and and cut at C6 more deadly.

Let’s play C2 to strengthen the weak group and get ready to push if he does not mind my peep.

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