Dealing with Computer Game Addiction

I dont know what I was thinking. I wanted to make Champion’s League in War Robots. I was very focused on this: reading forums, spending money on equipment. And I made Champion’s League. And then I realized some things:

  1. making champion’s league will not matter in 30 years
  2. i did not have fun
  3. i ruined some social relationships with my obsession

What is Your Life Purpose?

If you have a life purpose, then you need to be focused on spending time constructively to get there. Me personally, I want to be a yoga master. So, I made a promise to myself:

Each time I play War Robots, I will go lay down in shavasana for 10 minutes after my gaming session


In other words, I did not quit cold turkey, I simply started doing more of what was going to matter in 30 years and what truly excites me at the core of my being. It takes 30 years of doing something to be a master (if you do it for 1 hour per day). And 30 years from now, i will be much better off with 1 hour of yoga than 1 hour of war robots

I was building my self-esteem on this

I was not playing War Robots, I *was* the war robot. I noticed how emotionally attached I was getting to these images on a screen. I was not outside exercising, talking to people. No, I was inside building up self-esteem by how well I could play this.

War Robots has no payoff

If you spend your time playing Chess, Baduk, or even another video game with a money pool, then you are going somewhere. I think some people earn millions playing Call of Duty. The only that happens in War Robots is you spend a lot of time and money and get an adrenaline rush. But you will never have a fulfilling career as a player or teacher of this.

War Robots has very few skill levels

Chess has a lot of skill levels. Baduk has even more. But War Robots is very similar to the real world: military power is mainly based on how powerful your weapons are and you can only get them with economic superiority.

Where is __summoning__?

You know the German guy that would buy every new robot and then spend all his money maxing it out?


Figure out what matters to you. Write your obituary – what do you want to accomplish? In the deepest level of your being, what turns you on? Then spend a little bit of time making progress towards that. War Robots is a true masterpiece in software engineering – it is highly playable and well-tuned and super-realistic. But please dont tell me you were put on this earth to put your time, money, blood, sweat and tears into this video game with:

  • no economic rewards
  • no social rewards

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