There’s that shape again: 2 games in a row – the old knight’s move in a weak position

I wasn’t going to say anything. But when I saw THE SAME WEAKNESS 2 games in a row, I had to say something. So in my most recent game, I came to this position where White had just played this:

Then both sides played a few moves to solidify their position (even though KataGo was screaming attack the weak shape as soon as it saw it above:

And even now, Katago is jumping up and down insisting that I rip through White’s weak shape:

The game before

In the game I played just before this one again we see that same shape:

Now the biggest move right now is G16 as a strong 1k player has noted. But on your shopping list of sente moves to play next, Katago has a number of moves highlighted and once again we see this same shape pointed out at 1 in the diagram: If White plays at 1, he can antagonize Black’s shape.

Point 2 is not the topic of this post, but if Black responds to 2 with a hane at B2, then C2 takes the 3 stones.

And there are numerous other advantage-gaining moves shown in yellow courtesy of Katago.

Various engines see this game differently.

My post is based on using Katago to analyze this game. The OGS AI has a different opinion. It recommended attacking that poor shape much earlier:

Third times a charm?

I’ve missed taking advantage of this shape weakness twice. Hopefully I will recognize it the 3rd time it occurs and shred my opponent’s shape, leaving him ripped to pieces.

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