My “need to be seen” manifests as arrogance

I was doing a heavenly meditation during Angels Week with the Online Yoga Academy. The angelic music was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. However, eventually, memory of something that happened earlier today came to mind: a neighbor of mine told me to quit doing something that I enjoyed doing. Soon, my mind was playing out a drama of me refusing to do what he wanted and instead beating him up in front of his girlfriend. This drama kept growing into bigger and bigger mental projections and dreams of beating him up and his friend. Of course while a woman looked on at my amazing fighting prowess.

But I returned to my meditation of angels. And I asked the angels to purify me of my need to be seen.

But the question remains:

Why is “need to be seen” is the list of needs (Thom Bonds list).?

And here is where there is a gigantic question of NVC being a spiritual practice. Spirituality could be defined as something that reveals that all happiness dwells within: not within women, Ferrarri, big houses, etc.

So if NVC is a spiritual practice, then why is the need to be seen listed?

Is there a “positive” way to meet the need to be seen instead of being arrogant?

If so, I’d like to know about it.

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