Me vs Radium_Mail Round 3 (7k vs 7k) – HE BEATS ME AGAIN!!!@!

I reached some interesting positions in this game. But it seems I always lose to this person!!!! Nonetheless I learn a lot and am sure I will this time. Too bad I didnt know it when I was playing the game! It was correspondence so no excuses about not having enough time to analyze. Let’s get into it!

Move 38: Boy is that moyo big!

White’s moyo is up to the 8th line and in my opinion needs to be reduced/invaded NOW!!! ‘1’ is a cutting point or snapback. 2 and 3 approach the hoshi stone in lower left. ‘4’ allows me to jump across to my corner group thus attacking the open skirt with 5′ gives me 4 and 6 to run, as well as sliding to S10… but all of that strikes fear in my heart. So my not reduce? White is threatening to play ‘8’ but that is not the biggest concern for me.

Move 62

A is weak but already kind of has a base and 2 directions to run. B can be cut at 1. C is floating but can run in many directions – easy to say until thickness develops as White starts running. D is getting surrounded and E is stronger than D, leading me to want to play F4. Cutting at H6 works because I either have the ladder or will net the K6 group. But H6 is making my C group weaker… I think playing the cut at 1 is important, even if I lose group D. When I mentally play it out, I prefer the bump cut at N14 over the jump cut at N13 – the jump cut would weaken my C group not strengthen it

Move 122: I have more points even though it doesnt look like it:

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