Jewel recovered! 1-dan be like: I got this game made in the shade… 5-dan be-like: don’t speak so fast.

I tripped up on a game between a 1-dan and 5-dan and found it to be very impressive. The 1-dan played Black and his choice of joseki seemed unusual time and time again, but there was a clear purpose: to build a huge moyo.

And by move 35, his handiwork was completed:

Let’s look over this crucial position:

First off, I think ‘1’ should’ve been played at ‘2’ to prevent the incursion of ‘3’ into the moyo… but what does a lowly 7k like me know?!

Next, let’s count points… yes I know the Japanese screwed up Go by having people think of counting territory instead of thinking about life for as many stones as possible. But let’s do it anyway. I count about 60 points within the blue lines. But amazingly, if I count the top and left, that adds up to 60 points as well.

Now the top can be easily “invaded” and the Black moyo can be easily reduced.

The next move by the 5-dan knocked my socks off…

KaTrain felt there were better moves

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