Escaping the United States for a Safe Haven

Who would’ve thought the 2nd conversation on a dating app would lead to all this writing? Well it did. Here is her question in essence: where is a safe healthy place to live given that all signs show that the United States will suffer an apocalypse?

I’ve learned over time to provide multi-dimensional instead of single-dimensional answers. For instance, if someone says “how are you” I typically reply “are you asking about physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically or spiritually”.

But let’s work with this question. We will start with some preacher-type answers and then get down to brass tacks at the end.

First question: who are you

It would seem that this is a simple question with an obvious answer: I am a biological organism that came here via the union of a male and female and there is nothing out there other than what these 5 senses can pick up and if I don’t reproduce it’s lights out for all my genetic material.

Understandably if this is who you think you are, then survival of the physical body is paramount. But let me “preach” a few transcendantal answers to this question. I say “preach” because there is a big difference between my living reality (which we will get to later) and the transcendant understanding of Self that we read about in ancient and modern mysticism.

BE WARNED: these are heavy direct shots from people who pull no punches about knowing The Eternal You versus the Ephemeral You

The ancient mystics say…

That which is real cannot be threatened. That which is unreal does not exist. Herein lies the peace of God.

Preface to A Course in Miracles

In other words THE REAL YOU cannot be threatened.

you are mourning for what is not worthy of grief. Those who are wise lament neither for the living nor the dead.

Bhagavad Gita verse 2 chapter 11

In other words, the EVER-ALIVE, EVER-BLISSFUL, EVER-AWARE YOU is not affected by the comings and goings in this cosmic light and sound show of temporary rising and falling.

The past should not be followed,
The future not be sought.
What is past is gone,
And the future has not come.
But whoever sees clearly in the
Present moment of the here and now
Knows that which is unshakable,
And will live in a still, unmoving state of mind.

—Bhaddekaratta Sutta, M. III. 185

Insight Meditation, Practical Steps to Ultimate Truth” by Achan Sobin Namto

In other words, wait, why do we need other words? Isn’t the original quote enough?

Now let’s get down to brass tacks…

It may be the case that I am not my body (the spiritual viewpoint). It may also be the case that I don’t even exist at all (the Buddhist viewpoint). But I do tend to operate to do the best for my body, so the question raised becomes important and here is my answer to the question where is a safe healthy place to live given that all signs show that the United States will suffer an apocalypse?

My answer to this is

  1. the United States is the world’s military superpower. Whenever it is convenient to obtain the resources of somewhere other than the United States, then arrangements will be made to justify declaring war and taking over these resources. So if you move to a nice place, expect the US to be there a few minutes later to ravage it. Remember the United States was formed by destroying 90% of the native american population and enslaving Africans. The same thieves and murderers have murderous offspring committing the same crimes in different ways.
  2. The elites in the United States responsible for unethical behavior are part of what is known as The Swarm. The Swarm is a multi-racial, multi-national set of people who think they deserve to enslave the rest of humanity. While the average person has Truth, Freedom and Health as their personal and group objectives, the members of The Swarm have power, profit and control and their objective. In other words, while it appears that there are wars between Democrats and Republicans, the US and China, the US and Russia, between pro-vax and anti-vax, pro-Trump and anti-Trump, all of these wars are mocked up by The Swarm with members of The Swarm playing both sides of the theater. The only real war is between the people in the world who work and elites whose goal is to enslave them. The other wars were put in place to distract the public from the real enemy.
  3. As much power and “money” as the United States and their Swarm Buddies have to walk arm-in-arm with other members of The Swarm, they can only succeed if the working class complies. The one fear of The Swarm is a bottoms-up movement of working-class people who understand the mechanics of enslavement. And this mechanics is Systems Science and Dr. Shiva teaches it.
  4. From a factual, rational and evidence-based perspective, The Swarm cannot lose. As Zionists, they print all the “money” they want, hold 350 seats on Congress, the Presidency, Hollywood and more (such as broadcasting fake news to justify more Zionism). But the universe is not mechanistic. It fundamentally is driven by consciousness. And when enough good people raise their consciousness, a new 100th Monkey Problem will be solved: how the working class people united regained their right to Truth, Freedom and Health and Shattered the Swarm.

This video summarizes this:

In Conclusion

If your desire is TRUTH, FREEDOM and HEALTH then I suggest you join a bottoms-up MOVEMENT engineered by an MIT Ph.D precisely engineered to manufacture TRUTH, FREEDOM and HEALTH so that The Swarm and their evil elitist agenda of power, profit and control is defeated.

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