Bruce Wilcox style analysis of 1k versus 8k barn burner

The game that will be reviewed from the standpoint of Bruce Wilcox’s “Contact Fights” and Sector Fights is this – It was a game between me and the Twitch Streamer BadukScholars.

An awkward position in terms of contact and sectors

Black is within the enemy sector… breaking the sector line is a good idea because the group is not settled… we will see why this was a good idea later

Mikito (Michael S) invades lightly while I have 3 weaknesses on the board

This is an invasion because the stone is across the sector line. But I treat it as a reduction and back off with L17

Move 58: I fail to break enemy lines on the next move, instead choosing to try to split his right side

There are some good moves by Black next and with Bruce Wilcox, the moves to find are simple: improve your sector fights and contact fights. And in this case, Black is in a sector fight.

But that should never stop you from looking at the ENTIRE BOARD. the C8 group is weak. I can be clamped at R18…. dont just focus on the sector fight… But in this case, there was a very good sector move

Move 60 – the first chance at a “jump cut” vs “bump cut”

There is a powerful play by Black here…. do you see it? I’m not going to tell you!!!

Move 98: a powerful Ko that is a picnic for Black

The situation on the right is a good opportunity for Black to create a picnic Ko for himself but that White must win to live… do you see how things can play out?

move 228 – it looks like Black has lost the A8 group and game… or has he????

There is a powerful sequence for Black in this game to take home the victory…. do you see it? I hope so… I learned it!

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