Questions loom in the Spain-Japan U20 womens world cup final

Was the first goal by Spain offside?

In reviewing a screenshot from the highlights, it appears to be a question of the Japanese defender’s foot versus the Spain player’s shoulder. Very close. Not blatantly offside for sure.

Was the handball call accurate?

In reviewing the match thread comments about the penalty call we read:

Natural position, ball-to-hand, no time to react. Horrible call. Shocking that VAR doesn’t bring it back for another look.


Why no VAR?

Why were both of these critical moments not video-reviewed? In a match of this importance, it would seem to be a must to review them.

I admit it. I like the Japanese

I was secretly rooting for them. They are such a polite culture. I do think one person summed up the team quite well when he said:

Japan is extremely tactical and possesses extremely well, but struggle to match speed. Spain has basically taken advantage of that with through balls to forwards.


to this I would add that they suffer a clear height disadvantage as well.

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