I’ve run into more than one person who claimed that “someone was infected by HIV and died of AIDS”. I’ll never forget living at the Yesss Center in Venice Beach at 344 Indiana Ave. I noticed a book the shelf entitled “What if everything you knew about AIDS was false?” and that led me to an awareness that a number of qualified scientists had questions such as the following about hiv/aids:

  • is germ theory fact or fiction?
  • do all scientists agree on the relation between HIV and AIDS?
  • does the inventor of the PCR test say that PCR can be used to detect infection? If the inventor of the test says it cant detect infection, then why is his test being used to ‘detect’ HIV as well as Covid?

Dr. Peter Duesberg of Berkley has a very thoroughly researched book on the HIV/AIDS myth and also casts a critical eye on a number of other popular beliefs about the spread of disease.

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