“it’s not much” my friend said

as she took a flavor packet and drizzled it over her raw salad to add taste. This is my same friend who developed knee problems from consuming the free senior tea available at some fast food chain. Luckily, she was able to solve her knee problems by consuming a stem cell product.

“it’s not much” would seem to be an OK argument

But let’s look at the current experimental injection that’s en vogue:

Photo from Childen’s Health Defense Article “Woman Develops Rare Acute Kidney Failure After First Dose of Pfizer Vaccine, Case Study Shows

See that little vial? “It’s not much”. But you know what it can do? If you don’t know consult the CDC database on adverse effects and then you will know that ‘not much’ can kill or permanently disable you.

Let’s take the ISKCON approach

“The sweetest milk is poison from one touch of the serpent’s lips”. I read this in some document from iskcon. In their context, they were speaking of who you associate with. But for our purposes, let’s just reflect on “it’s not much” – just one touch of the serpent’s lips to milk “is not much” … or is it?

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