Issues with the PCR Test

Issue 1 – the inventor said it cant be used to test infection

Kary Mullis invented the PCR test and is in the record for saying

I will debate Anthony Fauci to his face. The PCR test cannot be used to detect infection

Yet, in both HIV/AIDs and the Corona Virus, the lynch pin holding both stories together is the belief that a PCR test can detect infection.

Issue 2 – number of cycles

Even if the PCR test could detect infection, the number of “cycles” the test is run greatly affects the results. It is a known fact that anything more than 25 cycles is indistinguishable from random results. And yet, at the start of the plandemic, they were running 35 cycles.

Issue 3 – got orange juice

In Germany, when the kids want to get out of going to school, they drink a lot of orange juice before taking the PCR test. Why? So that the elevated acid levels in their saliva throw a false positive

Issue 4 – how are you going to test for something you have not purified.

In this post and this post we see that the PCR test was not developed against actual samples of SARS-COV2.


The two best resources for critical analysis of the PCR test are

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