How I got into (and out of, and back into) Sivananda Yoga

My story is kind of similar to others. I wasnt exactly looking for Sivananda Yoga. Not exactly. I was doing hot yoga in Colorado but for some reason started listening to Indian chants and was wondering why the yoga studio I was at thought it was OK to play rock, pop, etc. After being fired from my job in Colorado (another long story) I was drawn out to Los Angeles by a swindler (another long story). Upon arriving in LA, I realized I didnt have any money. I took a yoga class in Glendale and ended up in West LA near the ISKCON temple. i was at Starbuck’s and the attendant could tell i was visibly vexed… after all, I had not booked a hotel and it was dark. I remember this non-American guy was passionately kissing a woman openly in line. So anyway, I ended up that night sleeping on Watseka st. Eventually, Glendale fizzed out due to another person who did not pan out in terms of what he promised financially. So I was looking for a yoga studio nearer to West LA area because my other spiritual activities were going to be over there. The first class was free so I figured why not. I really found the variety of paths to god attractive – singing, yoga, breathing, service, etc.

Over time, I began to see just what a giant Sivananda was… Sivananda Yoga is just one outpouring by one of his chelas, namely Vishnu Devananda. I would say his outpouring is the most widespread across the planet, especially if you include Yoga Vidya, a separate organization with basically the same practices.

So, now in my 3rd year, I’m starting to feel that there needs to be a thorough compilation of the Sivananda family of teachings.

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