Rather than create a new blog post each time that a pure python web application is upgraded or downgraded, I figured one reverse-chronological post was better.

2022, Sept 9: Transcrypt is no longer a Class A Pure Python Web Application solution

Transcrypt is fully-featured. It is well-documented. Through the years, responses to community questions have been quick an accurate. however one other requirement of a Class A system is that it is maintained. 6 months ago someone asked

I see several PRs open for 2 years. Is this no longer maintained? Is it accepting PRs?

The readme and GitHub release don’t have the latest version from Pypi either, so I am confused about what state this library is in.

Also, is any python 3.10 version on the horizon? Will PRs toward that (in a dedicated feature branch?) be accepted?


And there has been no response.

This is particularly sad because an entire book on using React with Transcrypt has been written.

i really hope that the author(s) are just swamped with work and will bring this project up to date and start responding to its user community.

But until they do, I cannot classify this product as Class A because potential users might find themselves stuck with a product failing the “well-maintained” requirement of a Class A pure python web application solution.


  1. While the creator/maintainer of Transcrypt has indicated that the project is definitively not dead and he is still very passionate about the project, he has not had time to publish updates beyond the last one that made it compatible with Python 3.9. I have confidence that we will see it continue to improve over time, though it may take a while. For now, the current version is pretty stable and open issues are at least pretty well documented and most have workarounds. But I do understand that it doesn’t currently hold up to the “well-maintained” requirement.

    To this day I am still amazed at how I am able to create React applications using up-to-date component libraries like MUI and Mantine and never have to think in JavaScript. All the coding I do for front-end web applications is done in fully lintable Python using Python idioms thanks to Transcrypt. It has been a game changer for me.

    Disclaimer: I wrote the React to Python book mentioned above.

  2. Hi, Jacques de Hooge here, creator and maintainer of Transcrypt. It’s just that I’m currently swamped in work indeed.

    I still take Transcrypt very seriously but currently I’ve got no time left even to delegate work properly. Because that wiil require setting directions and coordinating, which will easily consume several weeks full time.

    I’m doing my best to find a solution for the longer term.

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