comments i found noteworthy about the 7 recent suspensions from the PGA tour because of liv golf involvement

numerous comments in this article piqued my attention. i learned a lot about the pga that i did not know:

Think what would happen if a guy working a normal job ditched work one week to go do a job for someone else (maybe at 2x pay), and then demanded to return to his previous job the following week–it probably wouldn’t fly.

Whether they want to admit it or not the PGA has already changed as a result of LIV. They are changing the calendar, tournament schedule and increasing payouts directly as a result of LIV. If the PGA had been more proactive many of these players may not have left in the first place.

Not sure why the PGA is taking such an “all-or-nothing” stance on this. Makes no sense other than ego. Bottom line is that this could have been handled so much better.


Look at the leaderboard at the John Deere Classic! I simply can’t take the excitement! Poston, Lipsky, Pan, Gotterup, Gligic … can’t wait to to see those household names battling it out down the stretch.

the PGA has not let the players have enough input on issues concerning the payout on the tour and the scheduling. Now the PGA faces an uphill battle caused by the defection of some of the great players in the game.

The PGA Tour should go read the Sherman Antitrust Act. They are an illegal monopoly who controls were / when players can make a living despite those players clearly being independent contractors. The PGA Tour does NOT pay their salaries, their travel costs, their caddies, etc. The players make NOTHING if they don’t make a cut yet still have to pay all these costs themselves. Yet the PGA tour tells them that if they don’t make money at a PGA sanctioned event or don’t qualify to play in an event they are not “allowed” to go make a living at anyone else’s tournament. Then the PGA tour makes $60-70 MILLION / year in profits despite being a “non-profit” and pays its top 7 executives more than 2 million a year. No wonder they want to protect this sweetheart deal….

The PGA has been Very GREEDY for all these years and these players called their bluff. PGA has a big problem on their hands because GOLF is a BUSINESS and these players are making BUSINESS decisions for their own life and what is best for them. PGA could have come to some type of agreement that allows them to play still but their EGO got in the way (Jay Monahan). Some of the best players from the PGA are going to keep leaving and I don’t think there is anything anybody can do to stop it now unfortunately.

the best players are moving to LIV including the number one amateur. Why prevent players from playing anywhere they want. There are bad actors in all countries. That is a lame excuse.

Well, the players have already won, no matter what happens they are making more money now. It cracks me up, that the media is portraying these golfers as monsters for joining the LIV tour. Like the United States, Europe and the rest of the world doest do business with the Saudi’s. Nope, these golfers are wrecking the world all by themselves. Its up to them to solve the worlds evil. Everyone one of these journalist idiots is carrying an apple smart phone in their pockets…how do they think they get made?

9 of the last 22 majors were won by LIV golfers, really can’t be called stiffs by any measure.

The PGA Tour is running scared as all dictators do eventually. Amazing how they came up with so much money for the players overnight. It seems the players are not independent contractors after all.

The PGA has been a corporate scam from the top down since the beginning. Earning billions and paying the players a few hundred thousand for wins and appearances. Now that someone wants to treat them well and fair, they are up in arms about it. Regarding the Saudi’s, there are so many good Saudi individuals. It is wrong what the de facto king did, but it’s time to not hold that decision against the people any longer.

In just the second tournament of existence the field in the LIV tournament this week is stronger than the PGA tournament

So if I go to a LIV event here in the US, do i have to pay $18 for a beer or $20 for a burger like the PGA charges? Probably not, but my burger would come with a quart of 10W30.

The PGA Tour needs to change their FedEx system so that only the best 10-15 weeks for each player counts. That way players can take more weeks off and be happier and healthier. Sure, some guys will still play 40 weeks because they want to or have to, but if someone plays 15 weeks and has enough points by then, they can take some time off without worrying about losing their position.

The bottom guys on the PGA tour can barely survive. Can you imagine NBA, MLB or NFL players not getting paid for fumbling or just having a bad game.

good for them, the pga should take better care of their players. “How hard is it to qualify for PGA Tour? Professional golf whether at mini tour level or major tour level is extremely competitive and any amateur golfer-male or female that wishes to take this path needs to appreciate that from the time you turn professional it will take you at a minimum 7 to 10 or more years of hard work, dedication and patience to make it”

The PGA tour and their sponsors, equipment and clothing manufacturers do business with Saudi Arabia and Communist China and you are talking about ‘morals’ of the players??

the Pro’s pay for all of their expensives, travel, lodging, food, etc. not like other sports that make millions and are taken care of. And the PGA has not really kept up with the purses like other sports. So why wouldn’t they go where the money is very good? Would you stay at a job that paid little or would you go where the pay is very good? CASE CLOSED.

The PGA is basically a cult and they’re all mad that they now have competition in the sport. If enough household name players move over to LIV before PGA can backfill with new “stars”, the sponsors will move with them. It’s all about the money…

the thing that gets me about the money is that all of the pga events are put on and made possible by people that work there for free as vols for a charity. They get nothing and the players complain they do not get enough. Maybe they should pay the people that put on the event out of their own pockets or for free like the workers at the events

The PGA needs to team up with the LPGA, so the top players can play in a mixed format just like mixed doubles in tennis. Casual golf fans probably don’t realize how good the ladies are. Statistically, they are more accurate with their irons than the men. It’s been done in Europe so why not in the US. The women’s game is growing faster than the men among kids taking up the sport.

The PGA is making a huge mistake by not treating LIV like the European Tour and allowing players to compete in both venues.

If they get denied World Ranking points it will be game over… Well, except for all the money that will then get thrown at Lawyers to fight it out in court.

All the best will leave the pga then woods can win 4 more majors while riding golf cart or powered wheelchair ♿️

There is a collaboration (agreement) between the DP Tour and the PGA Tour (as with the Latin American, Australian and Asian Tours). This allows those players the ability to qualify for the PGA Tour (where there is the most $$) while still garnering points needed to qualify for the Ryder Cup, whether they are playing in the US or Europe.

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