Brazil-Croatia QuarterFinals 2022

Man am I sad

I love the jogo bonito.

They got what they deserved

they earned a 1-0 lead and then were trying to get more goals.

Any basic average joe who knows a bit about football knows to keep it compact and tight end of the game. Switch to a 5-4-1 end of game and keep your best defensive players on. Tell your wingers/forwards to keep the ball and waste time near the corner flags. Other than that everyone stay below halfway line and defend until the whistle blows. Not Brazilian but a fan of the game and it’s just a shame to see a fun, incredibly talented Brazil team throw it away like that.


park the bus. 3 minutes left. don’t get spread out. wtf is this management


Brazil got way too arrogant with trying to get a second goal in instead of staying back and defending. In the end it’s their pride that got in the way of a win. Much deserved by Croatia


Croatia only has 3.8 million people and no good soccer stadiums!!!

It’s mentality, we love football… And we start to play with 2-3 years, we play on street, asphalt, mud, bridges, everywhere… Like brasilians in favelas. My son has 5,5 years and his biggest wish is to score goal against France in final in next 20 years. And believe or not, we don’t have one good stadium to play, all are ruins , 50 years old


Croatia is like the joker in the pack

They won’t win the tournament, but they’ll make sure you don’t


History repeats itself

???????? – Paraguay:

Knocked out Japan on pens in R16 of 2010 World Cup

Reached final of 2011 Copa America without winning a game

Knocked out Brazil twice on pens in quarterfinals of 2011 and 2015 Copa America

???????? – Croatia:

Knocked out Japan on pens in R16 of 2022 World Cup

Reached final of 2018 World Cup without winning a game in regular time

Knocked out Brazil on pens in quarterfinals of 2022 World Cup


I think Tite told them to quit the dance routines

They celebrated after their goal but they quit all the dance routines….

Neymar is a goal machine

he has tied Pele’s record for goals for the national team even though Brazil has been knocked out in the quarterfinals in 3 of the last 4 World Cups.

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